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a bit about me

    Welcome friends! I’m Christine and Sprezzatura is my dream come true! It’s been an interesting journey getting to this point in life, but every shift in direction has imparted me with invaluable wisdom that I hope leads to the best boutique.
    I grew up in Northern California, so you might hear me say “dude” occasionally. I went to the University of San Francisco for my degree in chemistry (yes, I am a total science nerd). I then moved to Austin, TX and taught high school chemistry for eight years before I moved to Plymouth and fell in love with the south shore area of Massachusetts. From my background in California, Texas, and coastal New England, I hope you love this curated clothing selection that exudes effortless elegance.
    I have always loved styling outfits for family and friends and had the dream of opening my own business one day. I love getting to work with my customers, because for me it's all about women supporting women. I want every person who walks into Sprezzatura in Plymouth or shops online with us to feel confident and embrace her/his/their beauty. Our bodies are beautiful and self confidence/love is a lifelong practice - so let’s build each other up!
    I felt inspired to name Sprezzatura in honor of my grandmother and her family. My nonni (my Italian grandma) is the epitome of effortless elegance and came from a family of small business owners. My great grandfather owned a store in New York and then New London, while my great grandmother was a talented seamstress, able to sew such small stitches it was nearly impossible to see. Both were Italian immigrants, who moved to the United States to start a family and live the American dream running their own businesses. My nonni, lucky to be raised by such amazing parents, had an adventurous spirit and loved to travel. In every photo I can find, she and her sister always looked beautiful and elegant with what appeared to be little effort no matter where their travels took them - hence Sprezzatura for the name of my boutique!
    Thanks for supporting my dream! I hope you love what you find.
            XOXO Christine

Our Sprezzatura Promise

With a focus on being body positive and building women up, we style clothes on real women (not the stereotypical model) so you can see how the clothes really fit or how to style them for your body type.

We also make sure to add to the clothing description about how the fit of the clothes work on our own body as an example. Look for the comments such as “fitted style and runs a little small in the sleeves” or “runs a little loose in the waistband” to help you find your Sprezzatura look with confidence.

Our goal is for every woman to feel great in her outfit of the day, but even more so we want every woman to feel confident and in love with her beautiful body because that's what makes each outfit come to life. Too often women have felt the need to make their bodies fit into the clothing - we focus on it being the other way around. We admit that we find things about our own bodies to criticize on a regular basis, but we are working on it every darn day to be more loving and accepting of what our body is capable of rather than what is “wrong” with it from society’s standards. Come join us on our journey of changing our relationship with clothing and our bodies for the better.

Each item of clothing at Sprezzatura is handpicked and not your average “big box store” items. Come find something to treat yo' self, invest in your wardrobe, or find that outfit that can take you from day to night feeling confident and beautiful in your skin. We’ll help you find an outfit that shares your personality and beauty while keeping it wallet friendly.

Now let’s get shopping so your friends can say, “I love your outfit, where’d you find it?”

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