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clothing rack of tops, dresses, sweaters and jeansclothing rack of tops, dresses, sweaters and jeans


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Italian for "effortless elegance" or looking great without any apparent effort, Sprezzatura was born from my dream of sharing that feeling with all women.


Feel confident in your own skin

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The word “sprezzatura” (spr-eh-tsa-toora) is Italian for effortless elegance or looking great without any apparent effort.
    At Sprezzatura Boutique, we curate our clothing to bring effortless elegance within reach™
    We believe that every woman has sprezzatura and that we can help add even more of this effortless elegance to your wardrobe with pieces that can be timeless and fun/trendy without breaking the bank. We are here to inspire with new styling suggestions, ideas for outfits for events, clothing that makes you feel good in your own skin, and to evolve on this journey of life with you. Whether you wear your Sprezzatura pieces on a date, to a concert, to work, to the beach, or just around the house we want you to look and feel good with little effort.