Winter White

Wearing white in the winter can be a stylish and fresh way to break up the monotony of darker colors and the long New England winter months that are now squarely upon us. Think of it like Hygge for your closet! However, it's important to consider a few things when incorporating white into your winter wardrobe. 

First consider the material of your white clothing. Look for items made of thick, wintery fabrics like wool, fleece, faux leather or heavy cotton. These materials will help keep you warm and will be less likely to get dirty or stain. Once that gorgeous snow starts to melt, we all know it can be a dirty slushy mess. 

Next, think about the cut and fit of your white clothing. Looser, flowy pieces are best saved for spring and summer. Instead opt for thicker, more structured or even oversized pieces to help keep you warm and stylish.

Finally, consider accessorizing your winter white! White can be a great base for some really fun accessories like statement earrings, dramatic scarves or cute hats. These items can add a pop of color and keep you cozy. 

Wearing white and the winter can be a really fun choice as long as you are mindful of cut, fabric and layers. Below are some great choices from Sprezzatura, in-store now! 

I would wear this our with friends for the day or to a casual dinner…with the boots, of course. 

I would wear these to work or out on the weekend! They also have ski chalet vibes. 

I would live in this outfit if I could. Work or play!


*Nicole grew up in Plymouth, MA. She is a mom of three boys and is an elementary school reading specialist. You can catch her working at the store mostly in the summer! Her IG handle is @SchoolHouseOfStyle