Why Support Woman Owned Businesses?

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We've all done it, quickly add something to our cart on Amazon to have it delivered to our front door. It's convenient and sometimes cheaper, but could we search around a bit more and find a small woman owned business that has the same product?

Choosing to shop with a woman owned business goes further than you might think. Often the business owner is paying local and federal taxes (that larger corporations often are not), smaller businesses give back to their local communities in many ways (donations), and some might choose specific products that support other local/underrepresented brands. 

From a personal perspective, I'd much rather order from a small woman owned business, even if it costs a bit more, because there is a real human behind the brand. I love packaging online orders with extra goodies and a handwritten note, because someone made the choice to shop with my store. The in-store experience is similar, we provide great customer service, package your items with care, and help to style an outfit to make someone feel good in their body.

At Sprezzatura, I can proudly say that our jewelry, candles, and cards are all made by small woman owned businesses. When we find brands made in the USA and/or actively supporting women around the world with livable pay, we order from them consistently. We love these brands and try our best to fill our store and website with them. They might be a bit more expensive than the mass-produced item that you can find from a big box store, but that purchase is an investment into at least two women owned brands (the seller and the maker).

So, next time you are shopping online, maybe take a minute to see if you can order from a woman owned business. Or the next time you are planning a birthday party, can you hire a local female party planner? Or need help with designing a website can you seek out a woman-owned marketing brand?

It is hard enough to be a woman in business and we have to make sure that we actively seek out these brands to support.