What To Wear When You Have No Idea What To Wear

We all have that thought that runs through our brain when we look into our closet, "I have nothing to wear." That dreaded thought zaps all the inspiration from us and then getting ready for the day feels like a chore. To combat this we have 3 steps for curating an outfit that you can use repeat pieces for multiple looks with little effort.
Step 1: Layer Like A Pro
No matter what the weather, you will appreciate a layered outfit. It gives you flexibility, a put-together feel, and lots of options to mix and match.
Start with a base such as a pair of wide leg trousers, straight leg jeans, or a longer skirt. Next, pair those bottoms with an appropriate top. If wearing loose pants/skirt, pair with a fitted top to balance everything out. We love a basic tank or tee that is fitted and can be tucked in as a base (see our Wardrobe Essentials Collection for these). Vice versa, if you have fitted bottoms to style with a flowy/loose top.
Once you have a base together, add on the layers! In the warmer months layer a loose lightweight button down shirt or in the cooler months add a sweater to the mix.
Remember that layering gives an outfit dimension and flexibility. It is worth having neutral basics in your closet to add on to an outfit to avoid it looking flat.
Step 2: The Art Of Styling
Now that you have a great outfit started, you need to style it to complete the whole look. This is a very important step because it can take you from looking like you just threw something on to looking chic and effortless.
If you are wearing long sleeves in the warmer months give the long sleeves a "zhuzh", by which I mean pushing up or rolling up the sleeve. You can do this in the cooler months as well, but if you are layering with a winter coat you might wait to do this until you remove the winter coat once inside. If you have a sweater, it is always cute to tie it around your shoulders or tie a flannel around your waist. 
We love an unbuttoned button down shirt layered over a tank or tee, but if you want the buttoned up look consider a "French tuck" (just tucking the front of a shirt in) or tucking it in completely. 
Step 3: Timeless Accessories
The accessories are essential to tie the whole look together! Let's talk about finding timeless ones so that you can mix and match them for endless combinations. 
Think simple for accessories! if it is too specific, such as a fruit shaped purse, think how often are you going to use it vs a classic black or brown leather purse? Now that we have the ground rule of simple is best, let's talk about all the accessories you need as staples in your rotation.
A great purse or two can last you years. Investing in a great leather purse might cost more upfront, but in the long run you are helping the planet and your wallet because it will last so much longer. Think about how quickly those cheap faux leather purses last, they usually fall apart or start peeling back the plastic exterior pretty quickly. That is why we love the ABLE purses that we carry, they are great quality raw leather that will last you years and they are made with ethical labor (so you can feel good about that splurge). 
You also need a few good quality pieces of jewelry. A great pair of hoops and stud earrings in silver and gold will be perfect on heavy rotation. A simple necklace or two to change out with the outfit or layer together is a good investment as well.
Belts are an accessory where simple is also best, investing in a good quality black and brown belt will remain a staple in your wardrobe.
Last but not least, shoes. Find a great pair of black or brown boots, white sneakers, and a comfortable neutral sandals and you are set for footwear essentials.