Wearing White After Labor Day

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Have you ever heard the saying, "You can't wear white after Labor Day"? I have always wondered where this saying came from and after doing a little research I have discovered its classist origin.
Long story short, it was a way for old money to exclude new money by creating an arbitrary rule. Just a way to keep people from joining their social circle. So here at Sprezzatura we say forget that silly saying and wear whatever you want!
Winter whites are flattering and fun to brighten dreary days. We love a basic white tee anytime of the year. There are so many ways you can wear white all year, so don't let some archaic gatekeeping rule hold you back.
Scared to wear white because you spill things all the time on yourself or have a little one that is messy? Carry a stain removing wipe in your purse and enjoy wearing a white outfit without the fear.