Teachers Get In The Hall-iday Spirit!

Teachers, the holidays are in full swing! That either fills you with excitement or dread. Either way, if you want to get a little spicy this holiday season and are interested in having a little fun with your teacher wardrobe, I have some great ideas for you. 

Last month, Christine shared some excellent ideas about how to work with the clothes you already have by starting with a little closet audit. She suggested taking out your cold-weather pieces and laying them on your bed to remind yourself of what you already have and love…and maybe what don’t love. I fully agree with the strategy. This is great time to get rid of any pieces that do not work for you anymore because of style, fit, or comfort. If you do not love something anymore, you can donate it or consider upcycling. 

Once you know what you have makes you feel comfortable and confident, you can start to add in some holiday glitz and glamor. Lucky for us, glitz and glamor is center stage this month at Sprezzatura!

Before launching into the looks, I would like to impart some advice that you are welcome to take or leave or tuck away until it serves you. Wear and purchase what you love (as your budget allows) and do not worry if you feel like you are not at your “ideal size”. I cannot stress this enough. I recently went jeans shopping and the sizes that fit me and I felt most comfortable in were bigger than they have been in years. There, I said it. I could list all the different reasons why but I have decided not to. It does not matter. This is my body right now. It is healthy (relatively-lol),  has been with me for 45 years, has yet to let me down and deserves to sparkle (literally and figuratively). 

So here we go. I have curated 6 different looks and listed underneath the different places (work, school, events) etc. I would wear them to. I tried to create outfits that can be worn in different environments and for different purposes. Let me know what you think! 

This look is my #1 favorite. I would wear this to any holiday party. I would pair it with these jeans or with a pair of wide-leg or flare black trousers. 

I got married on New Year’s Eve 2003 and if I was invited to an NYE wedding or any winter wedding, this is the exact look I would wear. 

This is my Pajama Day 3.0 look for teachers. The leggings are Commando and they are the most comfortable, flattering leggings I have ever worn. 

Same Commando leggings pictured here with this amazing top!! This is my second favorite look and I would wear this out on NYE or to a holiday party, no questions asked. 

Essential teacher dress for the winter. Super cute for a staff party as well. I would pair it with black tights and booties.

The jeans! The sweater! The shoes. Perfect look for the winter. You could wear this to school, to brunch, out to a casual dinner or out holiday shopping.


*Nicole grew up in Plymouth, MA. She is a mom of three boys and is an elementary school reading specialist. You can catch her working at the store mostly in the summer! Her IG handle is @SchoolHouseOfStyle