Style What You Already Have

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The classic moment where we look in our closet and declare that we have nothing to wear? Yeah, we have all done that. But how can we change that perspective so that we are seeing items within our wardrobe that we can mix and match? Let's talk about styling and the basics we all need in our wardrobe. 

The Basics:

A few basic items that everyone needs in their wardrobe:

  • A jean jacket
  • A leather (or faux) jacket
  • A great pair of jeans
  • A classic white tee
  • A great pair of sandals
  • A great pair of sneakers
  • A fun pair of boots
  • A favorite dress
  • A favorite skirt
  • A graphic tee

these basics are the foundation to being able to mix and match and make endless combinations.


The Styling:

There are no rules in my opinion on styling, honestly wear what you want. Be yourself and dress how you feel best, but if you want some guidelines I am here to offer a few that I follow.

  • A great graphic tee goes with anything!

Take that favorite band tee or graphic tee and wear it over your favorite dress to make it more casual, with your favorite skirt (I love our Everything Skirt), or with your favorite jeans. 

  • A jean jacket is more than just a jacket

I love a jean jacket with any dress, and I mean any dress, I wear it with even the fanciest dresses or the most casual. A jean jacket looks cute with a skirt or over a jumpsuit. Jean jackets add a casual cool vibe to any outfit. 

  • Your favorite sneakers

Wear those sneakers with a dress or skirt! Yes, you can do it and look cool while staying comfortable. When you are wearing uncomfortable shoes it shows so my rule is to wear things that are comfortable. 

  • Add in that matching color more than once

Are you wearing a bit of white in your outfit? Add some white earrings or white sneakers to make it tie together. Are you wearing some gold jewelry? Add a pop of gold in your belt or shoes to bring a cohesive look. 

  • Layer, layer, layer

Beyond the practical you don't know what the weather might hold, it also looks interesting and cute to layer. Whether you layer a tank under a dress or a tee over a dress it will show a unique way to style it. I love a sweater under overalls, it adds a fun classic look with a mixture of texture. What jacket or sweater could you layer that goes with that outfit or adds texture or mixes patterns/colors?