Shopping Small Makes A Big Impact

Shopping small with your local brick-and-mortar store or shopping online with a small boutique can make a big impact for the woman behind the business. As a small business owner, I personally know that I have to actively seek out small businesses, but I feel that extra 5 minutes of looking is rewarding by 20 times over! 

It takes seeking out small businesses. It has almost become second nature to just hop on sites like Amazon and order something quickly, but who is benefiting from that purchase? How much of that money staying in your community? Are jobs offered to local people in your area with that business? There are so many ways to think about the impact our purchases make.

For every dollar spent at the average small business 70 cents of that stays local vs for a national corporation it is more like 40 cents.

And according to the US Chamber of Commerce, "Every dollar spent at small businesses creates an additional 50 cents in local business activity as a result of employee spending and businesses purchasing local goods and services."

When you support local and small you might just make someone's day. It might sound small, but that purchase can help a small business owner breathe easier.

So let's shop small more to keep our communities thriving!