Layering With Style

Winter cold got you feeling uninspired in your day-to-day outfits? We are here to help you layer to stay warm while remaining stylish!

Remember that base layers don't always have to just be long sleeves. Often when we go in a restaurant or store the heat is high and you can remove some of your warmest layers (your coat, scarf, gloves, hat, and maybe a mid-layer too). Try starting with short sleeves or a sleeveless top as your base layer, it's nice to have so you don't overheat inside places that are warm.

Add a mid-layer to keep your outfit flexible. By a mid-layer, we mean something that goes over your base layer but under a heavy winter coat. Maybe its a flannel for a cozy casual look or a sweater/cardigan for a chic warm look. There are many options for mid-layers so get creative with it! Try blazers, lightweight jackets that can fit under a coat, or long sleeve tops as mid-layers. This in-between layer will give you flexibility when in a car or inside a space that is warm but not quite warm enough to get down to your base layer.

Invest in a good heavy winter coat. If you live in a place that gets cold in the winter, like us up here in New England, you want a nice coat. If you live in a place that only gets cold a few times a year, you still want a coat even if you only use it just a few times a year, maybe you just don't invest in as nice of a coat if that isn't a high priority. Our Tanya or Snowflake Coats are a great example of a warm coat that's still budget friendly. 

Don't forget that gloves/mittens, beanies/hats, and a scarf are very helpful for staying warm and stylish. A good pair of socks with your favorite boots will keep those toes warm too!