Getting Those Winter Blues Out Of Your Wardrobe

Stuck in a pattern of wearing leggings and sweater/sweatshirt combo all winter long? It's okay to fall into a pattern, especially when all we want is to be warm and cozy in the winter, but I am here to help you mix it up a bit and feel effortlessly chic during even the coldest months.

A few good sweaters are worth the investment. You don't have to splurge on all cashmere sweaters just to have a "good sweater." I mean that you should find a sweater that matches lots of items in your wardrobe (think cream, white, black, or taupe) and a few pops of color because you need options, but also you need to find a sweater that you like to wear. It sounds intuitive to say a sweater you like to wear, but I mean a chic simple sweater that you want to throw on day after day. This way you can wear these same sweaters in many different ways and never get tired of it.

Find a good winter skirt. Whether it is faux leather, plaid, or a maxi skirt find that skirt that you feel good in with sweater or a long sleeve top and you have an option beyond leggings and jeans. My best advice is to find some good quality tights too. We carry Commando at the store because the quality is amazing, they are soft yet durable (not easy to snag at all) and they don't dig into your tummy at all. Add a cute pair of tall boots or Chelsea ankle boots and you are set!

Jeans are a winter must in my opinion. A classic pair of straight leg, wide leg, or bootcut jeans are going to carry you through the coldest winter days looking effortless yet put together. Choose a style of jeans that you want to wear day after day and pair with everything from Chelsea boots, heels (if that is your style), lug sole loafers, or whatever your favorite winter shoe might be. The beauty is jeans go with any top so feel free to mix and match within your wardrobe.

Button down blouses are iconic, they are a classic American style called ivy, which can also be called preppy sometimes. A timeless style that we often call "classic" it works with all styles and body types. A button down blouse can be satin, cotton, striped, solid, pink, white...anything you want it to be. French tuck it in the front and voila you have an effortless chic outfit. Button downs go with that favorite winter skirt tucked in, those jeans French tucked, or if you'd like with those cozy leggings untucked but maybe tied at the bottom in a bow.