Falling for Fall

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I appreciate all four seasons in their own unique way. I love the coziness of winter, the reawakening of spring, the energy of summer, and the ambience of fall. But if you asked me what my favorite season is, I'll always reply fall. 

There is something about the crisp morning air, warm spices infused in drinks and bakes goods, and the earth reminding us to slow down and appreciate its beauty. And when it comes to clothes, I love most of all the ability to layer! Throwing on a shacket feels like wearing a security blanket a bit for me.

As we venture towards fall and the weather cools off, it's time to style some adorable fall looks. If this sounds daunting, I have you covered! You don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to keep up with the trends, I have some tricks to help you get the most out of what you have and what you might consider investing in.

First, do an inventory check of your wardrobe by going through it and seeing everything that says cozy fall vibes to you. I like to lay them out on my bed to see what I actually have all side-by-side. Once you notice what you have it makes it easier to think of what could go together and what you might want to invest in to complete a look.

Second, notice if you have a piece that just doesn't seem to work for you anymore. It could be things that don't fit anymore, things that are worn out, or something that you just don't like. Donate them if you can, I love dropping my donations off at non-profit charity so I know that my donations are really going back to help others. 

Lastly, think about what trend pieces you really want to invest in this season. Is it a pair of combat boots or a wool hat? If it is a true investment piece give it some time, if you are still thinking about it a week or two later then maybe make the purchase. That way you are taming impulse purchases and buying an item you will cherish.