Accessorizing the Summer

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Accessories can really make an outfit look complete, whether you are going for a minimalist or more-is-less look. Summertime is a fun and often hot time of the year where accessories might seem like a task that can be ignored, but I'll take you through why you need them and how to apply this to items you might already have!

Why do I need accessories when it is so darn hot outside?

Accessories always help tie a look together and in the summer your accessory choices can actually help keep you cool or keep the sun off you. I promise it isn't a lot of extra work and you'll feel put together if you try our suggestions. Keep in mind that you might already have a lot of these accessories and you just need to remember to use them.

Hats, hats, hats!

I love hats all year, but the summer is one of the most practical times to wear one. A good hat will look good and keep the sun off your face, so it is a win-win! A good straw or woven hat will help you get through summer with less sun on your face, even your doctor will approve of this accessory. 

A straw hat will remain breathable and look summery. We love our Catalina Hat and our Savanna Hat, but also one of our bucket hats works too!

I recommend taking a hat on all of your summer day trips or vacations, it will really come in handy.

Bracelets, baby!

Summertime is the perfect time to wear bracelets, whether you want a stack or just a single bracket your arms are bare and need some accessories! Think about what you wear most of summer, short sleeves and sleeveless items? Yes, so your brackets can help make you look put together. Choose bracelets that will match your outfit or other jewelry to make the look complete.

 I love our locally made stack bracelets by Miss Lou Makes (a former teacher!) or our nautical coastal bracelets, we have so many different choices of them and they are locally made too. I also love our up cycled wine barrel bangles!

To necklace or not to necklace?

I think in the summer you can choose to add a necklace or skip it. If you have bracelets and earrings and a hat that is a lot going on. Think about the outfit you are wearing and decide does it need a necklace or can you go without?

A few of my favorites in the store are our Katherine Rose necklaces, we have so many to choose from and she makes them in Charlestown, MA. I also love our simple and elegant bar necklaces or our new lariat necklace or opalite pull through necklace.

Sunnies for that sunshine

Sunglasses are a summer accessory must-have! They protect your eyes and a lot of our sunglasses come from a brand that donates to animal shelters to help dogs find their forever can you not love that?!

My favorite sunnies in the store right now are our Cool Girl Sunglasses, Andie Sunglasses, and Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses. But my all time favorite has to be our Emma Sunglasses combo with the Emma Sunglasses Chain so you'll never loose your sunglasses and look stylish while you wear them!

Enjoy your summer in style!