What To Wear To That Upcoming Wedding?

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Have no idea what to wear to that upcoming wedding? It can be daunting with so many "rules" floating around about wedding guest attire, but we promise it isn't as strict as it sounds. Let us help you!

  • Can you wear white to a wedding?

We would strongly suggest against wearing all white (unless the invitations specifically encourages you to). That being said, you don't have to completely write-off white dresses or clothing. You can wear a white dress with blue flowers all over it, like our Newport Dress, it doesn't look like a wedding dress at all so you can safely wear it. If you are nervous, just reach out to the bride and double check. I love sending a photo of dresses I'm thinking of wearing to a friend's wedding to see what they think.

  • Can you wear black to a wedding?

Heck yes, I think black looks elegant and dressy so go ahead and wear black. Everyone knows it isn't a funeral.

  • What do you wear to an outdoor wedding?

Often outdoor weddings can be just a dressy so ask questions and figure it out how dressy it is based upon venue, asking someone who is involved in the wedding, or the suggested attire on the invitation. If it is more casual, we love a good skirt and blouse combo. It still looks nice and dressy enough, but it keeps it a bit casual. If it has tulle, even better! A classic midi length or A-line skirt are perfect.

  • Can I wear flats to a wedding?

Definitely! Hopefully you will be dancing the night away so make sure you are comfortable. We always say if you are uncomfortable it shows, so make sure you honor what your body needs. You can find fancy/dressy looking flats with metallic touches, so look around and see what you find.

  •  What do I bring in my purse?

You might be the most popular person in the bathroom if you bring some double stick tape, others might be asking if they can have some (our Commando Matchstick tape is perfect for that and is super small). It also helps to have on hand to avoid wardrobe malfunctions (especially with dancing involved).

You could even pack a small sewing kit. We recommend a bandaid or two for possible shoe related blisters, lipstick or other makeup for touchups, and a q-tip to help clean up makeup smudges under the eyes.

  •  Pay attention to the wedding invite colors.

Notice the color pallet used for the wedding invitations, that will most likely be the wedding colors and highly likely the bridesmaid colors...so stay clear of that color(s) so you aren't matching the bridesmaids.

  •  Keep comfort in mind!

Check the weather and bring options if you are traveling, especially if it is an outdoor wedding or ceremony. Make sure to bring layers, if appropriate, to stay warm in the cooler evening. If you are traveling to someplace, such as Texas in the summer for an outdoor wedding, check the weather so that you see the low will only get down to 90F often, so no layer needed there. But if the wedding is indoors in Texas during the summer, the AC will be blasting so you might want a light sweater or layer.

If it is an outdoor wedding and the forecast looks like the weather will be hot, find something lightweight to wear because you do not want to get heatstroke. Consider adding a hat to your outfit or bringing a pretty fan. 

  •  What about the length of my dress?

Unless the invite specifically says what length dress to wear (we've heard of this happening...so yeah, no comment), but anyways wear whatever length you feel comfortable in. There are too many rules around what to wear to a wedding sometimes that it becomes overwhelming, so trust your gut and wear what you feel comfortable in is most important.